Operations Manager


Job Specifications

Post High school education required. Specialized training in electric utility maintenance, construction, operations, and planning is highly desirable. Experience in the design, construction, operations and maintenance of distribution and transmission line and substations required. Must have knowledge of work planning and budgeting and electric utility construction and maintenance. Must be able to supervise and direct department personnel in constructing, operating and maintaining electric plant.  Must have the ability to effectively cooperate and work with all employees and departments. Must be able to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.

Bachelor's degree in engineering, business management or other related disciplines preferred. Should have experience in supervision and management. At least 10 years’ experience in electric distribution, construction, operations, and maintenance is preferred.

Job Description

Coordinate work plans among line crews, engineering and management.  Prepares an annual work plan and budget for the department. Supervise and coordinate the work required by the plan, evaluate the results, and takes corrective action as required.

Participates in the development of operating policies for the construction, operation and maintenance department and the cooperative. Participates in the review of such policies to make sure they met current operating conditions and to determine any revisions that may be required.

Participates as a member of the General Manager’s staff to confer on mutual problems and to develop plans.

Sees that written operating procedures are developed for the department and with other departments to assure a smooth workflow and sees that they are revised as necessary to meet changing operating conditions and needs.

Prepares daily, weekly, and monthly work plans to complete projects on a timely basis and with the best utilization of workforce and equipment.

Studies safety rules, regulations and practices and implements an effective loss control program.

Continually monitors safety practices and procedures to see if improvements can be made.

Schedules safety meetings and presents subjects relating to safety and job activities within the department.

Authorizes the purchase of materials and supplies for the operation of construction, operations and maintenance department and inventory control in accordance with the work plan and budget, including authorize repairs and other items for vehicles and work equipment.

Develops annual and long-range plans relating to construction and maintenance of the system and recommends them to the General Manager for approval.

Collaborates with the Engineering Consultant and provides information on the development of a four-year plan to be used for requesting loan funds from or preparing loan applications to RUS.

Collaborates with the Engineering Consultant in the development of a System Sectionalizing Study which includes coordination of transmission and distribution protection devices.

Evaluates construction practices and initiates changes that will speed up construction and make the best of personnel and equipment.

Sees that a materials management system is maintained to provide control over inventory and procurement of material, apparatus, and equipment.

Contributes data and other information to the engineering consultant for the preparation of the Long Range (10/20 year) Engineering Study. Participates in the review of the study before it is finalized.

Monitors supervisory control daily to determine the working status of supervisory equipment and takes remedial action, as necessary.

Reviews the results of the annual inventory and sees that any areas in the department requiring corrective action are taken care of.

Directs the inspection of the fleet condition and work equipment reports daily and determines any corrective action necessary to ensure that they are up to safety and operational standards.

Reviews monthly substation reports on power, energy, voltage, phase balance, voltage regulations, transmission losses, power factor, load factor to determine any corrective action required.

Monitors work accomplished by the department through daily, weekly, and monthly reports, time sheets, consumer complaints personal work inspection and personal interviews and personnel and takes remedial action when necessary.

Sees that the personnel reporting directly to him/her are trained to meet the requirements of their positions.

Minnesota Valley Cooperative Light and Power Association is a transmission and distribution cooperative based out of Montevideo Minnesota. Check out the website mnvalleyrec.com for more information.

Resumes will be accepted until July 17, 2024  for the Operations Manager Position.

Please email resumes to jill@mnvalleyrec.com 


Additional Info

Job Type : Full-Time

Job Function : Operations

Location : Montevideo, MN

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